Don't let the blueberries fool you…there's chocolate in this blog.


I am a wife, mother of 7 cats (yes, 7 cats) and one giant Great Pyrenees named Jackson (who has his own website, Great White Paws) living in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Food has always been a passion of mine, and I taught myself how to cook mostly by watching the Food Network (no offense, Mom!).  Recently, my love for food has been focused more on the nutrition it provides us and the health benefits of eating whole foods.  In the Fall, I will be attending the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine to pursue my Holistic Nutrition Consultant Certification.  In preparation, I have been reading a lot and experimenting with the whole foods and raw foods approaches to eating.  This blog serves as both a way for me to document my journey as well as a source of education and inspiration for others looking to move away from processed, sugar laden foods and towards a more natural diet of whole fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and nuts.

As you view the recipes here (some are my own, and some are adapted or inspired by recipes I have found elsewhere), you will note some recurring themes; I live a grain free, and refined sugar free lifestyle.  This means you will find no sugar, white or whole wheat flour, pasta, rice, etc. in my recipes.  Instead I use very tasty, nutritious alternatives such as coconut oil, almond flour and honey.  The recipes here are intended to be as nutrient dense as possible, with minimal impact on blood glucose levels.  You will NOT find any “low fat” recipes here.  If you’ve read the research of the last decade I am sure you are aware– fat does not make you fat as once believed! Therefore, my recipes all include real butter, whole eggs, and real, full-fat dairy in all its glory.

In addition to recipes, I will share health related news and articles that I feel are worth reading as well as links to other blogs that I follow that I think are worth following.  Under the “Recommended Products” page, you can see what tools of the trade I use and my favorite brands of ingredients.

Finally on a personal note, I have never considered myself a good writer and usually avoid it at all costs (While most people fear public speaking in college, my fear was always writing essays!) So this is stepping outside of my comfort zone, and I’m hoping that the practice of writing daily will make me stronger at it.  Ditto photography….my husband has an awesome camera that I hope to learn to use to take beautiful photographs of food.

Thank you for spending your time here, and I look forward to sharing and hearing your comments!


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical professional.  All dietary advice given is strictly my opinion based on personal experience and keeping up with the latest scientific research.  You should always consult your physician before making any changes to your diet.


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Don't let the blueberries fool you...there's chocolate in this blog.

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Don't let the blueberries fool you...there's chocolate in this blog.

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Don't let the blueberries fool you...there's chocolate in this blog.

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Don't let the blueberries fool you...there's chocolate in this blog.

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